Beauty of Your Face

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Author: Sahar Mustafah
  • Hardcover: 312 pages
  • Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company (April 7, 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1324003383
  • ISBN-13: 978-1324003380
  • Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 1.1 x 8.6 inches

A Palestinian American woman wrestles with faith, loss, and identity before coming face-to-face with a school shooter in this searing debut.

A uniquely American story told in powerful, evocative prose, The Beauty of Your Face navigates a country growing ever more divided. Afaf Rahman, the daughter of Palestinian immigrants, is the principal of Nurrideen School for Girls, a Muslim school in the Chicago suburbs. One morning, a shooter―radicalized by the online alt-right―attacks the school.

As Afaf listens to his terrifying progress, we are swept back through her memories: the bigotry she faced as a child, her mother’s dreams of returning to Palestine, and the devastating disappearance of her older sister that tore her family apart. Still, there is the sweetness of the music from her father’s oud, and the hope and community Afaf finally finds in Islam.

The Beauty of Your Face is a profound and poignant exploration of one woman’s life in a nation at odds with its ideals, an emotionally rich novel that encourages us to reflect on our shared humanity. If others take the time to really see us, to look into our face, they will find something indelibly familiar, something achingly beautiful gazing back.


“[An] arresting debut... Throughout, Mustafah powerfully demonstrates the human capacity for redemption and renewal. This inviting, topical tale will stay with readers.”
Publishers Weekly

“Mustafah writes impressively and convincingly of her Palestinian American immigrant community... [A]n adept author well worth reading.”

The Beauty of Your Face is a striking and stirring debut, one that reaches its hands straight into the fire. Sahar Mustafah writes with wisdom and grace about the unthinkable, the unspeakable, and the unspoken.”
Rebecca Makkai, Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of The Great Believers

“[M]oving, especially in [Mustafah's] depictions of Afaf's inner state. The sections of the book that describe Afaf's early life are especially vivid.”
Kirkus Reviews

“The indelible story of a Palestinian American woman whose life is torn apart by loss, finds solace in her faith, and faces a violent threat that tests how far she has come. Sahar Mustafah writes about family and community with compassion and sensitivity. The Beauty of Your Face is a gift to readers.”
Laila Lalami, Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of The Other Americans

“Sahar Mustafah writes with a grace and precision that shows a deep understanding for the ways trauma can distort a life. The Beauty of Your Face is a richly empathetic work about the power of faith, family, and love.”
Maurice Carlos Ruffin, author of We Cast a Shadow

“Rich with details of Islamic faith and Arab culture, The Beauty of Your Face is an insightful and beautifully drawn study of the complexity of being an American Muslim immigrant. This compelling novel brilliantly challenges the notion of a unified religious and ethnic narrative while laying bare the most universal of desires: for love, acceptance, and belonging.”
Rajia Hassib, author of A Pure Heart

About the Author

Sahar Mustafah is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants. Stories from her prize-winning collection Code of the West (2017) have been awarded the Guild Literary Complex Prize for fiction, a Distinguished Story honor from Best American Short Stories, and three Pushcart Prize nominations, among other honors. She teaches literature and creative writing to high school students outside of Chicago.