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Author: Aditi Machado
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  • Paperback : 112 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1643620290
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1643620299
  • Publisher : Nightboat Books (October 27, 2020)

In Emporium, Aditi Machado investigates transnationalism and translation in poems that follow a merchant woman as she travels a twenty-first century “silk route.” As on the original silk route, this merchant is engaged in economic transactions but also cultural exchanges, un-monetizeable reciprocities, the sensory excesses of the marketplace: coins moving from hand to hand, the smell of food and sweat infusing the air, the “noise” of translation and multilingualism. Is this tradeswoman in control of her “destiny”/business or is she a commodity of impenetrable global forces? Her investigative, digressive travel seems a way to interrogate history and money and her own entanglement in such irresistible threads.


"Winner of the James Laughlin Award, the expansive collection from Machado (Some Beheadings) is both luxurious and cerebral, funneling her debut’s torqued syntax into a fever dream of 'the silk route upon which I came.' … This delightful book is full of depth and discovery."―Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"In this gorgeously rendered work from Machado (Some Beheadings), the speaker travels a reimagined contemporary silk route, suffused with a sense of unbelonging ('I came low like low things…barter[ing] my socialisms for some mastic or gâteau'), and arrives at the rich temptations of a vast emporium…VERDICT: A Laughlin Award winner; ­stunning work for sophisticated readers."―Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal Starred Review

"Hers is an expansive lyric, one that exists as a sequence of sections broken into postcard collage, lyric fragment, prose exploration, billboard phrases and doctor’s notes…Emporium is a story told through the collage, the accumulation-collage of fragments, lyrics and prose-structures, one with not even a narrative centre or even the character of the merchant woman, but a seeking, searching, lyric heart."―rob mclennan, rob mclennan's blog

"Machado weaves together the financial, social and political in this poetic traipse through the market. She encourages us to meditate on our own livelihood and purchasing patterns, to think about what truly benefits us in our survival. These poems ask deep questions rooted in worth―what is comfort worth, what is money worth? What is monetizable, and what should or should not be? Where are our coins, and our happiness, going when we buy something? Whatever answers we find have both individual and global importance."―Vagabond City

"Again, Machado leaves me thinking about the possibilities of language and a translator’s genius brain, the folds of the 'royal mantle.' What I’m trying to say is that Aditi Machado is a genius! I consistently feel challenged by her work. Winner of the 2019 James Laughlin Award, Machado’s Emporium is a sustaining book of rhythmic, unwavering poems, sharp-eyed in her interpretations of silk, gender, and purity, discerning in her understanding of the strangeness of language.―Paul Cunningham, Tarpaulin Sky

"Dear Aditi, I did receive 'Route Marienbad.' Read it. Had the feeling I was discovering a real poet. A wonderful feeling. I hope you keep this 'innocence,' this directness, this genuineness. Bonne chance."―Etel Adnan

"Aditi Machado’s first book is as breathtaking as it is refreshing. The poet sustains a gentle, rigorous honesty that feels entirely holy."―Believer Poetry Award

About the Author

Aditi Machado is a poet and translator. Her debut collection Some Beheadings received the Believer Poetry Award and her second book Emporium, won the James Laughlin Award. Her writing appears in journals like Lana Turner, The Rumpus, Western Humanities Review, The Chicago Review, and Jacket2 as well as in chapbook form. She works as the Visiting Poet-in-Residence at Washington University in Saint Louis.