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Author: Sadie Dupuis
  • Paperback: 83 pages
  • Publisher: Gramma Poetry (November 1, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0998736287
  • ISBN-13: 978-0998736280

"'Magic isn't real,' Sadie Dupuis explains early on in MOUTHGUARD, and although we are apt to believe anything she says, it's hard to believe such a statement after reading these poems. This is a book where we encounter so many magical things, like 'the shadow on the moon,' a 'chariot / pulled by sphinxes,' 'the guts of a star,' 'a firefly skull,' 'horses and semen,' and 'the autumn lake of disconnect.' This is a book where magical poems drive us with a holy momentum towards a lonely road where on the side of it we can find a party of accidents that we are all invited to. This book is a party of poems where the poem pulls the strings and we move willingly like poem puppets. Dupuis' poems have a 'real heat' and after MOUTHGUARD you will be the 'live one on fire' and never 'what's cold in the coffin' and [You] will be thankful for this magic, for this poet, and for this book." —Dorothea Lasky


Sadie Dupuis is a poet and a multi-instrumentalist. She is the guitarist, lead vocalist, and lyricist for the band Speedy Ortiz. In November 2016 she released a solo album, *Slugger, under the name Sad13.