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Sirene is a new magazine tailored for those people who feel close to the sea even when they are far away from it. 

Large recycled paper pages, rough and porous as only salt water stains can be, large white spaces, pure as a sea horizon, and page-turner stories that will put you on the same wave-length with a surging community looking at the oceans as the intersection of the planet’s destinies. 

Our paper is made from algae, to make use of excess algal blooms from lagoons at risk. For every half kilo of fresh algae, a kilo of wood is saved. The entire productive process has been scrupulously thought out to attain minimal environmental impact.

Issue Five

pages: 100 / printed on paper made from recycled algae

On Board with Cousteau. On 25 June twenty years ago Jacques-Yves Cousteau passed away. Without him we could not look at the sea with the same eyes and we could not know its deep beauty. We are told about the oceanographer through the words of Roberto Rinaldi, who was on board with him.

Living to Surf. The story of Petter and Linn, a Swedish couple who have turned their shelter on the Indian Ocean into a new destination in the post-globalization surfing map.

An Alphabet of Surfing. Evoking the logos of the leading brands of boards from the 1950s and ‘60s is a little like reading Homer to understand Greek civilization because surfing is one of the few cultures that lays its foundations in images and graphics.

In Flight Beneath the Surface. The Self that is lost in the blue and the amniotic water enveloping us. Through her images Francesca Rivetti seems to manage to capture the secret sensations of freediving.

The Geography of Water. Sailing is a way of being in the world. Trying to do it by learning to read the sea and the sky using one’s senses alone, without any other instruments, is also the chance to establish an intimate relationship with the ocean. Something that the Polynesians have never lost.

Ocean Dreamer. Susie Goodall is one of only two women taking part in the 2018 Golden Globe Race. We spoke to her just after she arrived in the Azores, having completed a double singlehanded transatlantic crossing.

The Shape of the Wind. The wind cannot be seen. You hear it,
you feel it, you learn how to read its effects on land and water. In his photos, Carlo Borlenghi has managed to give it a form.

Paper fish, Sea men. Struggle, respect, but also the desire to dominate something that one is unable to understand completely. Primitive elements on which are based the great tales of literature about the sea.

Small Crossings in the Upper Adriatic Coast. Thirty kilometers of coast for its three kilometers in length. More than a peninsula, Premantura
is an endless sequence of inlets, coves and uninhabited islets where you can lose yourself – or find yourself – paddling among them.

Santorini: Swimming Among Scorching Boulders. Fleeing towards the south, leaving behind the commotion of the west coast overlooking the caldera, you discover a different island.

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