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16 oz bag of One Line Coffee's El Progresso blend. 
Tasting notes: Orange, vanilla, caramel, balanced

El Progreso is a farm located in the Huila region of Colombia, in the south end of the country. The farm’s owner, Rodrigo Sanchez, has been gracious enough to host us on multiple occasions, and this marks the 5th year we have purchased his coffee. Rodrigo is a bit unique in the sense that he is heavily focused on the quality aspect of coffee, as well as the well-being of his family and his fellow farmers.

Perhaps the most obvious evidence of this is Rodrigo’s participation in a pilot project to test the productivity of the well-known variety gesha (or geisha). this variety has received a lot of attention in the past few years due to its rarity and superb cup quality. However, it has been found that gesha is surprisingly disease resistant, able to withstand the assault of a fungus called coffee leaf rust that is causing major problems throughout Central and South America. In addition, Rodrigo is pioneering some new fermentation techniques aimed at higher quality, including a “cold ferment,” which utilizes refrigerators to allow an extended fermentation.

This particular coffee is grown at 1650–1800 meters, and consists of bourbon and caturra varieties. It is fully washed, with 18–24 hours of dry fermentation, and 8–13 days of parabolic drying on screens.


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