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"Gary Lovely to Join Two Dollar Radio HQ as Co-Owner" | 6/17/2024
"Gary Lovely, currently store manager at Prologue Bookshop in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, will head across town this September to Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, the bookstore-bar-café associated with publisher of the same name and located on Columbus’s South End... Lovely will join Two Dollar Radio HQ as co-owner and managing partner, where he will steer the day-to-day operations of the storefront, and plans to bump the store’s inventory from 1,000 titles to 3,000. Additional plans include expanding events and store hours and increasing sidelines and collaborations with other independent presses—especially to highlight translated literature.

"This 'Best You've Never Heard Of' café is tucked away inside of a bookstore" | 5/17/2024
"This week, we’re flipping through the pages at Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, a bookstore and vegan café located at 1124 Parsons Ave., where every dish tells a story...Their kitchen prides itself on everything being scratch-made in small batches, from meat substitutes to nut-cheezes and sauces. Instead of using traditional mock meats or cheezes, they spotlight real plants. Ingredients like mushrooms, eggplants, walnuts, and cashews aren’t just common; they’re the stars, nourishing both mind and body. Plus, dining here supports local artisans like Mushroom Harvest Provisions and Happy Little Treats... The space itself is as cool as the concept. Bathed in beautiful natural light and lined with shelves loaded with books, the café has a warm, inviting ambiance that makes every visitor feel welcome. It’s a beautiful spot that not only serves up creative dishes but also fosters a safe, inclusive environment where ideas and flavors blend seamlessly."
—Anthony O'Connell

Yelp releases new list of its top meatless restaurants in Columbus | 1/4/2024
"If you’re looking to lean into fresh, veggie-packed cuisine as part of your New Year’s resolution, Yelp is here to help, with a brand-new list of Columbus spots to try. On Dec. 19, the review platofrm released a list of ten of its highest-rated vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Columbus to try. You can read the full list here, but here are Yelp’s meatless eateries to try... 2. Two Dollar Radio Headquarters"
—Jack McLaughlin

The Top 10 Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants of 2023 | 12/21/2023
"There are a lot of great plant-based dining experiences all throughout Columbus. In fact, you typically don’t even have to seek out a specific vegetarian or vegan restaurant to find a great vegetarian or vegan dish on a menu... #4. Two Dollar Radio HQ"
—Best Of CU

The Top 10 Columbus Brunches of 2023 | 12/15/2023
"Brunch might be our favorite meal of the week. Nothing beats the blend of sweet and savory on a lazy weekend morning, especially when it’s with friends in a comfy setting. With that image in mind, our readers set about the task of voting for their favorite restaurant locations for brunch this year... #10. Two Dollar Radio HQ"
—Best Of CU

"13 Vegan and Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio" | 9/1/2023
"Hey, bookworms! This one’s for you. Two Dollar Radio Headquarters features a tasty plant-based café nestled inside a family-run bookshop. The café offers both a weekly menu and a weekend brunch menu filled with all the fully vegan eats! From Mac & Cheeze Tortugas and Mushroom Banh Mis to Vegan Cobb Salads and Midwestern Nachos, Two Dollar Radio HQ has it all! Be sure to bring your appetite and reading glasses."
—Anja Grommons, VegOut Mag

Two Dollar Radio Creates a Columbus Literary Clubhouse: The independent publisher’s bookstore on the South Side is also a haven for events and approachable vegan fare. | 5/16/2023
"Originally founded by married couple Eric Obenauf and Eliza Wood-Obenauf in 2005, Two Dollar Radio Headquarters opened its brick-and-mortar location in 2017. The indie press is known for publishing fiction, nonfiction and poetry from a diverse range of bold voices... But it’s more than just a publisher. Its South Side headquarters is also a bookstore, event space and café rolled into one... In its 18 years, Two Dollar Radio has become a local institution—not only one of the best independent publishing houses in the country, but also a community gathering spot for local literary types."
—Brittany Moseley (Photos: Tim Johnson/Columbus Monthly)

Two Dollar Radio on Parson Avenue is a bookstore combined with a coffee shop, restaurant, bar and social meeting place.

Two Dollar Radio Headquarters on Parson Avenue is a bookstore combined with a coffee shop, restaurant, bar and social meeting place.

Two Dollar Radio Headquarters on Parson Avenue is a bookstore combined with a coffee shop, restaurant, bar and social meeting place.

New York, Los Angeles, Columbus? | 4/26/2023
"By combining [technological opportunities], a supportive artistic community, and a uniquely Midwestern sensibility, Columbus gives artists a bit of breathing room that they might not have received elsewhere—resulting in a refreshingly new type of creative hub... [Two Dollar Radio] opted to build their business and family in Columbus and maintain that their company’s mindset and approach are very Midwestern. Eric Obenauf explained, 'There’s more focus on walking the walk here, and I think that active approach is what we prescribe to. No one cares what you talk about doing; the value is on what you actually do.'..."
—Dana Colecchia Getz

Two Dollar Radio HQ | 3/27/2023
"In my quest to find the beating heart of Columbus culture, I went to Two Dollar Radio Headquarters. Visiting an independent bookstore in 2023 already feels somewhat dreamlike, but seeing a calendar with such events as "Feminist Sci-Fi Bookclub," "Shut Up And Write," and "TWO$OUP: Variety Show Mish Mash" is pure next-level. Did I mention the vegan menu? The woodblock handwritten recommendations on top of particularly coveted books are worth the trip alone..."
—Alexandra Fox


Restaurant Review: Creative Vegan Fare on the Menu at Two Dollar Radio HQ | 12/9/2022
"Two Dollar Radio Headquarters combines two difficult business propositions into one sweet little package on Parsons Avenue. In an age of Amazon, Two Dollar Radio is an independent brick-and-mortar bookstore. It’s also a vegan eatery in a city where many restaurants don’t make it through the first year of operation. Come to think of it, Two Dollar Radio is probably better characterized as much more than two businesses. It’s also a publisher and a coffee house and a bar and a performance space. It’s probably a few more things too, but that’s a decent start. And if all that sounds like too much for one space, it’s really not. The project is housed in a a bright, roomy space with wood floors, sturdy tables, and books galore, mostly displayed in an organized fashion. In the munchables department, hungry readers (and non-readers) will find a host of creative, tasty options..."
—Miriam Bowers Abbott; Photos by Susan Post:

photos by Susan Post, drinks at Two Dollar Radio Headquarters

The Best Plant-Based Restaurants And Options In Columbus | 8/2/2022
"If you’re new to the vegan lifestyle, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But Columbus makes it really easy to test the waters... Good books and great food come together at this vegan eatery on Parsons Ave. You can swing by and grab something to read while you munch on brunch, sandwiches, wraps, and more. If you are feeling a little DIY, you can even pick up the Two Dollar Radio Guide to Vegan Cooking and make something yummy for yourself."
—Chelsea Wiley

Come for a Paperback, Stay for a Drink and a Snack | March 30, 2022
Bookstore-café combos are becoming the go-to spots for hungry readers.
"Two Dollar Radio, an independent publishing company in Columbus, Ohio, serves up vegan cuisine at their counter-service café alongside its newest book releases... Today’s independent bookstores are rewriting what it means to be a bookstore café, drawing people in with the promise of unique menu items and connections with old and new friends."
—Esra Erol

Find more than books at these 20 unique bookstores | 8/9/2021
"Located on the South Side of Columbus, Ohio, Two Dollar Radio Headquarters has multiple roles in the community. It's a renowned independent publishing company, in addition to being a bookstore. It also has a vegan cafe that serves savory fare and sweet treats along with delicious coffee and tea. Two Dollar Radio Headquarters even exhibits art and holds writing workshops and special events. This charming bookshop also welcomes families and has a kids’ corner for reading and other activities."
—Robin Raven
Two Dollar Radio Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

"Two hours from Wheeling, you’ll find yourself in Columbus, Ohio. Start your exploring at Two Dollar Radio [Headquarters], one of the hippest bookstores and indie presses in the Midwest. Two Dollar Radio is the publisher of authors such as Hanif Abdurraqib, Sean Avery Medlin, Katya Apekina, and more. Its headquarters is also a bookstore and café where you can browse books, buy merch, and sit down to a delicious vegan brunch."
—Melissa Baron

Two Dollar Radio: The Food Is the Story
 | 12/3/2020
The indie publisher’s new vegan cookbook serves its community-building mission and delivers flavor and laughs along the way

"[Two Dollar Radio’s Guide to Vegan Cooking] is more than the recipes from café chef and owner Eric Obenauf. It’s the adventurous tale of how those recipes came to be part of the menu at Two Dollar Radio’s headquarters café. Intertwined among the vegan recipes and vegan hacks for everyday life is the rock ’n’ roll vegan cheffing tale of characters called Jean-Claude van Randy and Speed Dog. Illustrated by Eric’s cartoons, the story follows the pair on a cross-country road trip during which they encounter the likes of Tofu Daddy and Drunk Publicist as they discover and/or create their badass vegan dishes. The hilarious episodes of Two Dollar Radio’s vegan protagonists are not the stuff of your average food blog... Whether you pick up a copy of the book and cook at home or stop by Two Dollar Radio Headquarters for a visit, vegan comfort food with a great backstory is easy to come by."
—Wynne Everett
Two Dollar Radio Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.
The Taco Mac & Cheeze Tortuga at Two Dollar Radio HQ

Values-Driven Shopping in Columbus | 12/17/2020
"Two Dollar Radio, a champion of sustainability and local charitable causes, received a lot of support when the lockdown began, as people bought books online, gift cards and vegan takeout."
—Amanda Page

^ Two Dollar Radio co-owners Eric Obenauf and Brett Gregory, with Chef Frances Ore-Kelly, Dec 2020

Two Dollar Radio Wins 2020 Voice of the Heartland Award | 9/18/2020
"Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association executive director Larry Law announced yesterday that the 2020 recipient of its Voice of the Heartland Award, co-sponsored by GLIBA and Midwest Independent Booksellers Association, is Two Dollar Radio, an indie publisher and bookseller headquartered in a Columbus, Ohio ... In his nominating letter to GLIBA’s board, bookseller Gary Lovely of the Book Loft, a Columbus indie, wrote, 'Since Two Dollar Radio's beginning in 2005, they've consistently published fresh, bold voices and have been a shining example of indie publishing. With only a handful of employees, TDR has managed to grab acclaim from both literary icons and every major reviewer. Not only are the books good, but through their Purchase with Purpose program, they've consistently donated portions of their sales to fight racial inequality, lift up the LGBTQIA+ community, and more.' ... In a release, Law stated, 'We feel Two Dollar Radio’s mission, and especially their commitment to actively elevate and publish the voices of BIPOC authors, is the very embodiment of what the Voice of the Heartland Award seeks to honor. Their work is meaningful, not only to our collective regions, but also in elevating and expanding the voices heard in American arts & letters.' ... GLIBA noted also that TDR's bookstore and café 'have created a "third space" that has proven to be an anchor to its community.'”
—Claire Kirch 

Two Dollar Radio Will Publish First Cookbook | 7/20/2020
"Three years after opening a bookstore and café with a bar in Columbus, Ohio, indie publisher Two Dollar Radio is combining its expertise in publishing with the culinary expertise of its two chefs on staff to produce the kind of cookbook that only the unconventional and multifaceted company would create. Vegan Cooking: Recipes, Stories Behind the Recipes, and Inspiration for Vegan Cheffing, is, in the words of the cookbook’s editor, Eric Obenauf, “a distinctly imaginative spin” on plant-based food porn, combining “equal parts vegan cheffing prowess, humorous stories of adventure and mystery, and punk rock,” complete with full-color illustrations. Vegan Cooking, the press’s first foray into the cookbook market, will be released by Two Dollar Radio on Sept. 7, 2020."
View the book here!
^ Eric Obenauf, vegan-cheffing in the Two Dollar Radio Headquarters kitchen, 2020.

The List: 8 Businesses Supporting Local Social Justice Organizations | 6/11/2020
A number of local businesses have responded to the local and national (as well as international) conversations surrounding racism and the affects of police brutality in the Black community by donating to community organizers doing the work of combating racial injustice in Columbus... If you provide a receipt from donating to the Columbus Freedom Fund or Black Queer & Intersectional Collective (BQIC), Two Dollar Radio will give you one of their self-published books for free with in-store pickup."
—Taijuan Moorman

Midwest Booksellers Adapt to the Age of Covid-19 | 5/8/2020
"Bookseller Nathan McDowell wears a mask while showing off a few of his favorite indie press reads at Two Dollar Radio Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, the bookstore division of indie press Two Dollar Radio."
—Compiled by Claire Kirch
Bookseller Nathan McDowell wears a mask while showing off a few of his favorite indie press reads at Two Dollar Radio Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, the bookstore division of indie press Two Dollar Radio.^ Nathan McDowell, book-slinging, Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, the pandemic of 2020.

How to buy books from Columbus indies during the pandemic | 4/29/2020
"Two Dollar Radio Headquarters — The South Side merchant is currently offering 15 percent off all books and merchandise purchased through its website with the entirely apt code UGH2020. Orders are shipped out every day except Sunday. In addition, Two Dollar Radio [Headquarters] is selling food for curbside pickup or delivery within a 5-mile radius of the store. The menu is offered from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and 11:30 a.m-2 p.m. on Saturday. If you order a book with your food, co-founder Eric Obenauf said Two Dollar will include it along with your delivery. Also, Obenauf cautioned that while he’s seen a recent surge in publishing-related articles about the ways online startups support local shops, the best way to support indie bookstores is still to purchase from them directly."
—Andy Downing

CVC website | March 2020
Certificate of Excellence
"This certificate is provided to Two Dollar Radio Headquarters for providing the community with unique unicorn-level vegan food in an inviting communal space."

Eric Obenauf and Brett Gregory, vegan chefs and owners Two Dollar Radio Headquarters^ Brett Gregory (L) and Eric Obenauf (R), vegan chefs slash book slingers, accepting the CVC's Certificate of Excellence in Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, March 2020.

This ain’t Oprah’s Book Club: Diversity thrives in Two Dollar reading groups | 12/17/2019
"When Two Dollar Radio Headquarters made the natural decision to host multiple book clubs after opening a brick and mortar space in 2017, Eric Obenauf, who co-founded the indie publisher with wife Eliza Jane Wood-Obenauf in 2005, knew he didn’t want them to be of the traditional sort, where blandly amorphous groups meet to discuss the latest novel to top The New York Times best-seller list... Rather, Obenauf wanted to cultivate diverse reading groups that reflected Two Dollar’s editorial mission, which is to present a diverse stable of author voices centered in “more experimental or esoteric literature,” as he said in a previous interview."
—Andy Downing
inside-two-dollar-radio-hq-rob-hardin-columbus-alive.jpg^ The interior of Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, 2019.

The Good Life: Cbus Libraries uplifts local libraries, literary scene | 11/26/2019
"[Moby, the mobile library is] the property of Cbus Libraries, a nonprofit founded by Bryan Loar and Andrea Dixon in 2014. Moby recently was spotted on Nov. 12 at the Two Dollar Radio Headquarters book shop and restaurant on Parsons Avenue for the third-annual “Booksgiving” book drive. By the end of the night, Cbus Libraries had collected $2,000 worth of books from people attending the event, which were donated to Columbus Early Learning Centers, a care-giving and educational organization."
—Erica Thompson
two-dollar-radio-headquarters-bookstore-booksgiving.jpgCbus Libraries co-founder Bryan Loar looks through a book with 5-year-old Jeremiah Stanford during the Cbus Libraries’ “Booksgiving” at Two Dollar Radio Headquarters on the South Side. [Adam Cairns/Dispatch]

Vegan Guide for Columbus, Ohio | 7/30/2019
"This is easily one of my new favorite places! Two Dollar Radio Headquarters is a family-owned and operated indie bookstore, event space, bar, coffee shop, and 100% vegan cafe. The bookshop is a carefully curated list of titles and is mostly independently published books. The coffee includes locally roasted coffee exclusively and everything is made in house aside from bread and desserts which are also sourced locally. A small bookstore and vegan cafe combined is a perfect combination!"
—Ashley Hubbard
wild hearted Visits Two Dollar Radio Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio

4 top options for cheap vegan eats in Columbus | 7/11/2019
"The bookstore, bar and vegan spot has proven to be a local favorite for those looking for an affordable option."
two-dollar-radio-headquarters-photo-1-enhanced.jpg^ Vegan "(No) Crab Cakes," Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, May 2018.

The PEN Ten: An Interview with Theresa Warburton and Elissa Washuta by Lily Philpott | 7/4/2019
Q: "Tell us about your favorite bookstore or library."
A: ELISSA WASHUTA: "I’ve lived in Columbus, Ohio, for the last two years, not far from Two Dollar Radio HQ, the bookstore and cafe operated by the press of the same name. They’ve got a small but really well-chosen selection of mostly independently published books, and they host great events and have a few book clubs. I love that they’re intentional about serving the community, not just for greater Columbus, but specifically for the southside, where they’re located. Eric, Eliza, and Brett put a lot of care into creating a welcoming meeting place, and they’re great about offering the space without dictating the shape of the programming."

Wandering Around Columbus, Ohio | 6/4/2019
"Cities across the country have adopted the 'Keep [insert city name here] Weird' moniker. Columbus, Ohio has not. Its slogan? 'Keep Columbus a Secret.' And for good reason. While the town is packed with art and optimism with an eye toward the future, Columbus still feels easy and uncrowded....  And don’t miss Two Dollar Radio Headquarters — half book publisher, half coffee shop and vegan café, all awesome."
two-dollar-radio-headquarters-columbus-ohio.jpg     ^ The interior of Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, 2019.

Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, Columbus, Ohio | 5/14/2019
"One of the more pleasant takeaways from my recent trek along the Columbus Bookshop Crawl on Independent Bookstore Day (aside from a trunk-load of books) was experiencing the camaraderie and support shared among the city’s booksellers. More than once, a shop owner or clerk would ask, when hearing that I was doing the crawl, “Have you been to Two Dollar Radio Headquarters yet? It’s so cool!”... The shop offers a finely curated library of almost exclusively independently published titles. With reviews and recommendations written on decorative wooden blocks, the books are neatly displayed on large tables and shelves scattered among the café seating area."
—Matt Browning
two-dollar-radio-hq-bookstoreexplorer-may-2019.jpg^ Photo by Matt Browning; The "Two Dollar Radio books" table in Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, 2019.

Sidekick Spotlight: 5 of the best side dishes in Columbus | 4/9/2019
"Cowboy Caviar at Two Dollar Radio Headquarters: You can snag the cowboy caviar from the regular menu, or as a side to your entrée. The important thing is that you order it. The vegan dish (caviar can be vegan, too) has a relatively simple ingredients list, but these ingredients combined together pack a real punch when it comes to flavor. The bean salsa is zesty and hearty and served with avocado to add some 'fat' to your protein-packed dip as well as tortilla chips from Koki’s Tortillas in the Hilltop."
—Mitch Hooper

CBUS Restaurant of the Month | 3/1/2019
"Walking in, there was an overall calming vibe. Two Dollar Radio HQ is the perfect place to grab a quick bite and relax.... Not only can you buy some bomb vegan food, but when you swing by the storefront, you can also support local writers!"
two-dollar-radio-hq-vegan-food-chloe-meisner.jpg  ^ The vegan "Buffalo Chick'n Sammy" and a vegan Doughasis cinnamon bun, Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, 2018.

Things We Love: Picks from Sarah Marsom | 2/6/2019
"Two Dollar Radio Headquarters has quickly become one of my favorite Columbus hot-spots... Visit for a wonderful selection of books, coffee or tea, and a bite to eat."

The Best Bookstores in Columbus, Ohio | 1/13/2019
"With a bit of an eclectic vibe, this little store is the perfect place to spend an afternoon reading, studying, or working on a project... Aside from having an amazing selection of books by independent authors, serving up spectacular coffee, tea, vegan food, and booze, and being an all-around awesome place, Two Dollar Radio HQ is an independent publishing company. They have even produced films! How cool is that? Two Dollar Radio HQ is the store for people who love reading indie authors, want some tasty vegan food, enjoy a fun but calm atmosphere, and especially those who want to write in such an inspiring place."
two-dollar-radio-headquarters-exterior-quietgirlloudworld.jpg      ^ Two Dollar Radio Headquarters exterior, 2019.

Dreary Day Destinations in Columbus, Ohio | 12/13/2018
"Put on your fuzziest socks and warmest blanket scarf before you head over to Two Dollar Radio on the next cloudy Sunday morning. Whether you have to make a quick stop (get the breakfast burrito no matter what!!) or have time to spare, the friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere will start your day in the best way. The cool part about Two Dollar Radio is that it’s also a full service bookstore, bar, coffee shop, and vegan restaurant. So what I’m really saying is if you get here on a snowy February weekend morning, 2DR has the appropriate provisions to last you ALL DAY. Park it and enjoy it. Buy a book and read it from cover to cover. Do what you want, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself and come back again just to have another cup of that lavender latte."
crave-columbus-two-dollar-radio.jpg^ Two Dollar Radio Headquarters interior, 2018.

Cover: The 2018 year in Columbus dining | 12/12/2018
"Two Dollar Radio Headquarters... hip, multi-function space — it’s as much cafe, bar and vegan restaurant as it is book shop, meeting place and art gallery."
—G.A. Benton

How indie publisher Two Dollar Radio thrives in a tough market | 11/29/2018
"Two Dollar Radio is thriving as a lifestyle brand that produces six books a year, runs a retail space that’s a [Columbus, Ohio] south side gathering place with booze and food, and also makes micro-budget movies. No matter the product, the focus is quality."
—Laura Newpoff
20180618mcgarveytwodollarradio117-750xx5040-2840-0-0.jpg^ Eric Obenauf inside Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, 2018.

Columbus Writ Large | 10/4/2018
(Segment starts at minute 16:00) "In this collaborative meeting space, husband-and-wife team Eric Obenauf and Eliza Wood-Obenauf create and inspiring atmosphere to cultivate a passion for literature."
—Charlene Brown/WOSU

Podcast: Looking for a kid-friendly restaurant? | 8/3/2018

"...That reminds me of Two Dollar Radio Headquarters on Parsons. They have this cute little kids' corner with books and little toys and little places for them to sit. I had no idea that was in there. It's a cool coffeeshop and it's a vegan restaurant as well."

Columbus: A Plant-Based Powerhouse of Vegan Eats | 7/18/2018
"It’s no secret that the ultra-hipster city of Columbus is a mecca of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, you-name-it eats. Before we start into it, let’s get one thing straight: even if you don’t fit into any of these categories (ahem, me!) that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy any of these restaurants. The owners of every one of the plant-based restaurants in my list work hard to make sure their offerings are unique, sustainable, and above all, tasty... A jack of trades, Two Dollar Radio Headquarters has it all: bookstore, bar, vegan café, and event space. The café’s menu is made up of entirely vegan dishes using nut cheeses, pizza dough, plant-based meats, and sauces that are made fresh in-house. One of my favorites at lunch or dinnertime is the very popular “Mexican Lasagna.” Looking for a good plant-based brunch? Stop by for a Fried Chick’n & Waffle Sammy—all vegan."
food-top-image-template-live.jpg^ Photo by Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, 2018.

Restaurant review: Two Dollar Radio Headquarters 
| 6/13/2018
"With the September [2017] addition of Two Dollar Radio publishing house’s South Side headquarters, the nationally renowned independent press branched out into the hospitality business. Offering an ambience that reflects the excellent taste prevalent in the books the little company puts out, Two Dollar Radio Headquarters is a multi-function space that’s as much cafe, bar and restaurant as it is book shop, meeting place and art gallery. Local artwork, handsome books and mismatched stout wooden furniture with a glossy finish contribute a liberal dose of charm to an inviting room with stark white walls and exposed brick accents. A soundtrack of smart contemporary bands—I heard Parquet Courts and Foxygen on multiple visits—is a perfect fit for Two Dollar’s casual-but-stylish digs..."
—G.A. Benton

A Book Lover's Guide to Literary Columbus 
| 6/4/2018
"Since launching last fall on Columbus’ south side, Two Dollar Radio Headquarters has become a hub for authors, activists, and artists. The independent bookstore/café/publishing house was launched by Brett Gregory, and husband and wife team Eric Obenauf and Eliza Wood-Obenauf, the duo behind the publishing arm of Two Dollar Radio. Since 2005, the publishing house has launched more than 60 books including They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us by Columbus native Hanif Abdurraqib, named one of the best books of 2017 by NPR, Esquire, Paste Magazine, and the Chicago Tribune. Pick up a copy of Abdurraqib’s book along with other Two Dollar Radio books, as well as books from other indie publishers. The south side bookstore and café also hosts author talks, comedy, and poetry nights, and vegan brunches on Saturdays and Sundays."
—Jennifer Poleon
two-dollar-radio-headquarters-booksshelves.jpg^ Two Dollar Radio Headquarters interior, 2018.

Independent Spirit | May 2018
"A new wave of small, idiosyncratic bookstores have popped up in Columbus in the past two years... Now, [Two Dollar Radio's] portfolio includes about 60 books and the storefront on Parsons Avenue that carries its entire published works, along with books and magazines from other indie publishers... The newly opened location is a cafe/store hybrid that offers coffee, alcohol—one of the only places in Columbus that carries Hoof Hearted brews on draft—vegan eats that Obenauf whips up himself, a bar and stools crafted from repurposed wood... Even though the space hasn't been open for long, it's been bustling..."
—Chloe Teasley
two-dollar-radio-headquarters-columbus-ceo.jpg^ Eric Obenauf (L) and Brett Gregory (R), vegan chefs SLASH book slingers, in Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, 2018.

8 Wonderful Independent Book Stores In Columbus | 4/26/2018
"Two Dollar Radio is one of the coolest, most unique bookstores in the city."
—Chelsea Wiley
two-dollar-radio-headquarters-columbus-navigator-books.jpg^ Two Dollar Radio Headquarters interior, 2018.

New Yorkers Are Flocking to this Midwest Sanctuary | 4/25/2018

"Right now, [Columbus, Ohio] feels like a test city for entrepreneurs,” Excell says. He points to... Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, a vegan café/bar/small publisher’s flagship bookstore, as recent local hits."
—Lawrence Ferber
two-dollar-radio-headquarters-douglas-quartet-june-2018.jpg^ Chamber Brews performance in Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, 2018.

Reinventing the Meal: Better Veg | 3/26/2018

"Two Dollar Radio is like that cool friend that introduces you to all the people and things You Need To Know. Just hanging out with them is enough to absorb by osmosis the knowledge of what is cool and good. In addition to being an indie publishing company, TDR headquarters has a plant-based cafe chock full of veggie dishes for those who eschew animal products on their plates."
—Jeni Ruisch

Columbus, Ohio's Coffee Culture | 3/12/2018
"Eric Obenauf and Brett Gregory mug for the camera at Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, an indie bookstore, event space, bar and cafe in downtown Columbus. Obenauf founded Two Dollar Radio as an independent publishing company run out of his home in 2005. He and Gregory became co-owners and expanded the business last year. 'We wanted to be part of the community,' Obenauf says, and coffee seemed a natural part of that progression... Two Dollar Radio Headquarters serves One Line Coffee, which is roasted in Heath, Ohio, with plant-based milks."
—Wendy Pramik
two-dollar-radio-headquarters-usa-today-pramik.jpg^ Eric Obenauf (L) and Brett Gregory (R), vegan chefs SLASH book slingers, in Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, 2018.

Behind Bars: Brett Gregory at Two Dollar Radio HQ | 2/7/2018
"The bookstore, bar and cafe counts Lemony Snicket among its fans." Get behind the bar with Brett!
—Erica Thompson
two-dollar-radio-headquarters-brett-gregory.jpg^ Photo by Chris Casella/Columbus Alive: Brett Gregory in Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, 2018.

Socially Just Dining: Two Dollar Radio Headquarters | 10/31/2017
" of the latest new vegan businesses to open empowering Columbus towards a rapid vegan shift in consciousness and choices..."
—Eriyah Flynn

What's New on the Southside of Columbus | 10/21/2017

"Local expert on everything Columbus, Bryant Miller, caught us up with the latest businesses opening on the southside of Columbus."
Watch the video:

Local press and bookstore strives to publish books “too loud to ignore” | 10/4/2017
"...To the Obenaufs, it was important that they have a physical location. It wasn’t enough to simply produce works of fiction and essay collections from behind a curtain, they needed to tangibly engage the literary community, to become a part of it..."
—Zoey Miller

Two Dollar Radio Opens Bookstore and Event Space | 10/4/2017
"...The bookstore features books and periodicals and was designed by Obenauf, Wood-Obenauf and Two Dollar Radio's editorial and marketing assistant Brett Gregory. The trio also made many of the fixtures, including the bar, bar stools, shelves and tables, by hand..."

Two Dollar Radio opens new bookstore, bar, event space | 10/2/2017
"...The new place houses a bookstore, performance space, full-service coffee and alcohol bar and even features a small menu of hearty vegan food, including dishes that feature vegan chorizo and cashew mozzarella cheese..."
—Emily Real

$2 Radio nesting on Parsons with books, booze, and baristas | 6/28/2017
"A couple of bucks radio is bringing books, booze, and baristas to south Columbus. The local, independent book publisher, Two Dollar Radio, is opening their headquarters at 1124 Parsons Ave. this September. They will be sharing their space with the public to meet our caffeine, alcohol, and literature needs.
The Bookstore: Reads from Two Dollar plus carefully curated selection mostly from independent publishers.
The Bar: Enter Hoof Hearted Brewing! There will also be cocktails and wine.
The Cafe: Locally roasted coffee poured up every morning alongside plant-based food like sandwiches, salads, and dips."

Two Dollar Radio Opens Bookstore | 6/27/2017
"...Indie press Two Dollar Radio is opening a bookstore in Columbus, Ohio, that will carry a selection of its own titles, as well as books published by fellow indie publishers..."

Indie Pub Two Dollar Radio to Open Bookstore | 6/23/2017
"...In September (2017), Two Dollar Radio will move into its new headquarters in the city's South Side neighborhood. Aside from an office to house its publishing operations, the building will also feature a bookstore, café, and a bar. The press' expansion is following a trend set by other small literary presses: in 2016, Milkweed Editions opened a bookstore in the Open Book literary center near downtown Minneapolis, followed a few months later by Curbside Splendor Publishing, which opened a bookstore in Chicago’s Revival Food Hall in the National building..."
—Claire Kirch