Some of our bookclubs are back in action and meeting monthly! Scroll below to see which bookclubs are currently meeting and which are still paused. Any questions, feel free to contact us!

Free and open to the public, with no signup required. Just read the book, arrive, and have fun!
(If you would like to host a new bookclub, please email us at: twodollarradioHQ at gmail dot com.)


Feminist Sci-Fi Bookclub 

Hosted by Haley Cowans: In this monthly book club we'll be reading works of speculative fiction by women and nonbinary writers, discussing the ways these works make us think, feel, and reflect on reality.

Next meeting: December 15, 6pm.
Featuring: Lake Like a Mirror, by Ho Sok Fong

Lake Like a Mirror, by Ho Sok Fong

Line Reading Poetry Bookclub 

Hosted by Nathan McDowell: In this monthly bookclub, we'll look for poetry from as many cultures and perspectives as possible that honor the sense of vitality and singularity of voice unique to poetry.

Next meeting: TBD
Featuring: Border Inheritance, by Taylor Johnson

 Inheritance, by Taylor Johnson

Unicorn Bookclub

Hosted by Eric Obenauf: In this monthly bookclub, we aim to read and discuss notable yet often overlooked works of literature, with a focus on independently published works.

Next meeting: Tuesday, December 20, 6:30pm.
Featuring Bear Woman, by Karolina Ramqvist

The Bear Woman, by Karolina Ramqvist

Writers in Color Bookclub

Hosted by Devlin Prince: Rotating between fiction and nonfiction, the goal is to enjoy and grow our knowledge of the writing accomplished by Black, South Asian, Native, Latinx, and many other authors of color. Come listen, discuss, and learn how the words of those usually underrepresented in literature can fit within the world we live in today.

Next meeting: Currently on pause.
No Name in the Street by James Baldwin

No Name in the Street

Young Feminist Bookclub

Hosted by Rio Obenauf: The Young Feminist is a monthly bookclub open to all genders interested in reading and discussing literature that promotes equity in a casual, welcoming environment, with a suggested participation age of 11–17.

Next meeting: Currently on pause.

Other Words for Home

Full food and drink menus are available during our bookclub meetings! Peruse the current options HERE.