Brunch Menu

Available Saturday + Sunday 10am - 3pm

NF = Nut-Free | SF = Soy-Free | GF = Gluten-Free | Everything is Vegan!


For carryout or pickup, please call 614-725-1505 to place order (curbside pick-up available). Or place order online for pick-up or delivery through Grubhub.


Our plant-based menu consists of World-Inspired Comfort Food.
Everything from our meat-substitutes to nut-cheezes and sauces are scratch-made in-house in small batches. We don't use mock meats or cheeses, or have a deep fryer.



Loaded Brunch Tortuga $13
Veggie scramble, cheeze, sauteed veggies, and jalapenos loaded in a tortilla and toasted, then topped with hollandaise sauce. Served with home fries and salad. (contains cashews, coconut + soy)

(No) Krab Cakes Benedict $14
Mushroom stem and artichoke krab cakes served on a toasted brioche bun, topped with veggie scramble and covered with hollandaise sauce. Served with salad and homefries. (contains soy) NF!

Gary’s Slamwich $13
Gary is Denny’s athletic vegan brother. Scramble, walnut chorizo, sliced cashew cheeze, and hollandaise sauce on toasted brioche bread. Served with salad or homefries. (contains walnuts, cashews + soy)

Chilaquiles $13
Corn tortillas marinated in roasted garlic enchilada sauce served over quinoa, and topped with veggie scramble, potatoes, buffalo queso, slaw, salsa, pickled onions and aioli. (contains cashews + soy) GF!

Buenos Días Breakfast Tacos $13
Veggie scramble, walnut pate, pickled onion and radish, shredded cheeze, and almond crema on corn tortillas. Served with salad or homefries. (contains cashews, almonds, walnuts + soy) GF!

French Toast Monster $13
French toasted brioche hoagie bun and stuffed with blueberry compote, topped with powdered sugar and candied walnuts. Served with a side of homefries and veggie scramble. (contains walnuts + soy)

Brunch Pambazo $13
Mexico City-style wet sandwich: Walnut chorizo and papas (potatoes), slaw, salsa, remoulade, and hollandaise sauce on a brioche hoagie bun dipped in smoky dojo hot sauce and baked. Served with your choice of home fries or salad. (contains cashews)

Banh Mi Op La $13
Char siu mushrooms, walnut pate, cucumber, pickled watermelon radish, hollandaise sauce, and cilantro sprigs on a brioche hoagie bun. Served with your choice of home fries or salad. (contains walnuts + soy)

Mile-High Breakfast Burrito $13
Scramble, lentil beef, cheeze, salsa, potatoes, pickled jalapenos, and hollandaise all wrapped up and toasted, El Dorado style! Served with (more) homefries or side salad. (contains cashews, walnuts + soy)

Breakfast Enchiladas $13
Scramble, sauteed peppers, cheeze, quinoa and corn tortillas smothered in roasted garlic enchilada sauce. Topped with queso, salsa, slaw, and aioli. Served with salad. (contains cashews + soy) GF!




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