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Available Tuesday - Thursday 11am - 8pm, Fridays 11am - 9pm

NF = Nut-Free | SF = Soy-Free | GF = Gluten-Free | Everything is Vegan!


For carryout or pickup, please call 614-725-1505 to place order (curbside pick-up available). Or place order online for pick-up or delivery through Grubhub.


Our plant-based menu consists of World-Inspired Comfort Food.
Everything from our meat-substitutes to nut-cheezes and sauces are scratch-made in-house in small batches. We don't use mock meats or cheeses, or have a deep fryer.



Samosa Tortuga- $14

Return of the GOAT. Samosa filling, haus made mozz, pickled onions, & pickled jalapenos, wrapped in a Koki's tortilla and toasted. Served with cilantro chutney. Choice of homefries or side salad.


Our haus made sliders are $4 a piece from 5-8pm on Wednesdays

Samosa Sliders- Woah goshdang. Crispy samosa patty, topped with cilantro chutney, cilantro aioli, sliced tomato, pickled onion, and lettuce on a warm slider bun NF


Our a la carte tacos are $2 a piece from 3-6pm Tuesday-Friday, and $3.50 a piece all other times from Tuesday-Friday.

Soy Beef Tacos- Soy Beef topped with pickled radish, cilantro and almond crema. GF

Eggplant Phish Tacos- Crispy phish pieces topped with remy, pickled radish, and fresh cilantro. Served with a lime wedge GF NF SF


Tortugas are square, toasted burritos, stuffed with shredded cashew cheeze, pickled onions and jalapenos.

  • Randy Mac & Cheeze Tortuga —  $11 — Queso mac & cheeze with soy beef. Served with salsa. (contains cashews, soy, + walnuts)
  • Sausage & Sundried Tomatoes —  $11 — Walnut sausage and sundried tomatoes, cashew parmesan and almond pesto. Served with remoulade. (contains cashews, walnuts, + almonds)
  • Everything (but the) Bagel Carrot Lox —  $11 — Smoky carrot lox, scallion cream cheeze, and capers, with everything bagel seasoning. Served with farmhouse ranch dressing. (contains cashews + soy)
  • Mushroom Steak & Onion —  $12 — Pulled oyster mushrooms and onions with potatoes. Served with farmhouse ranch dressing. (contains cashews + soy)


SANDWICHES & BURRITOS - Served with home fries, side salad, tortilla chips + hummus, or tortilla chips + salsa.

Pambazo $14
Mexico City-style wet sandwich: Breaded Eggplant , slaw, salsa, aioli, and queso on a brioche hoagie bun dipped in smoky dojo hot sauce and baked. (contains cashews + soy)

Jean-Claude van Randy Burrito $13
Soy beef with queso, salsa, slaw, aioli, and greens wrapped in a flour tortilla. (contains cashews + soy)

Mushroom Steak & Onion Hoagie $15
Pulled oyster mushroom steak and onions with cheeze, tomatoes, and remoulade on a brioche hoagie bun with garlic butter. (contains cashews + soy)

Eggplant & Hummus Wrap $13
Breaded + baked eggplant with hummus, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions and slaw wrapped in a flour tortilla and toasted. NF SF

Carrot Lox & Apple Sandwich $14
Carrot lox, almond crema, pickled onion, capers, sliced apple on toasted brioche. (contains almonds + soy)

Eggplant Po' Boy $14
Breaded and baked eggplant, tomatoes, slaw, and remoulade on a hoagie bun. NF SF

Mozzarella Caprese Sandwich $13
Sliced mozzarella cheeze, tomatoes, and almond pesto on toasted brioche bread. (contains almonds + cashews)

Toasted Cheeze & Jelly Sandwich $13
Melted mozzarella cheeze and mixed berry compote on toasted brioche. SF (contains cashews)


PLATEFULS - Most Plates are Gluten-Free!!!

South Side Street Tacos — $14
Your choice of Mushroom Steak + Onions (+$1) or Carrot Lox Tacos, with pickled radish, fresh cilantro, and almond crema on corn tortillas. Served with chips + salsa. GF (contains almonds + soy)

Tacos Hermanos — $14
Soy beef with buffalo queso, pickled radish, fresh cilantro, and remoulade on corn tortillas. Served with chips + salsa. GF (contains cashews + soy)

Mushroom Steak Mac & Cheeze — $16
Mushroom steak + onions served over buffalo mac and cheeze, topped with slaw, salsa, and remoulade. GF (contains cashews + soy)

Rustica Caesar Salad — $13 (can be made Gluten-free!)
Mixed greens tossed with haus-made caesar dressing, parmesan cheeze, and croutons, with apple, pepitas, and picked radish. GF (contains cashews) Add Carrot Lox +$2. (contains soy)



Mozzarella Caprese — $10
Sliced mozzarella cheeze, tomatoes, almond pesto. GF (contains cashews + almonds)

Hummus — $8
Rotating variety, served with tortilla chips + veggies. GF SF NF

Midwestern Nachos — $13
Melted mozzarella cheeze, soy beef, pickled jalapenos, buffalo queso, salsa, scallions, and remoulade over Koki’s tortilla chips. GF (contains cashews + soy)

Cheezy Quesadilla — $10
Melted cashew cheeze with soy beef and pickled onions in a 12" flour tortilla. Served with salsa and slaw. (contains cashews + soy)

Side Salad — $3
Green leaf lettuce with farmhouse ranch dressing, pickled onion, tomato, and pepitas. GF SF NF




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