Drink Menu


House Coffee — $3 ($1 Refills)
Colombian el Progresso Medium Roast.

Latte - $4.50
Hot or iced. Double espresso w/ choice of milk.
Milk Options: Oat, Soy, or Almond
Flavored Syrup Options: Hazelnut, Lavender, Marshmallow, Mocha

Cold Brew — $3
Colombian el Progresso Medium Roast.



Hibiscus Iced Tea — $2

Chai Latte — $4
Hot or iced. House-made Vegan Chai (no honey) with choice of milk. Make it Dirty + $.50.

Looseleaf Teas — $2
Options: Lavender Earl Grey, Jade Cloud (green), Tieguanyin (oolong), Chamomile (herbal).


SPECIALTY COCKTAILS  - Unavailable on Sundays except Non-Alcoholic options :(

Meet Me on the Lanai (Aperol Negroni) $8
Gin, aperol, vermouth bitters.

Is Aperol Spritz a Girlfriend? $7
Aperol, prosecco, orange juice.

Good Ol’ Sheboygan (Wisconsin Old Fashioned) $7
Brandy, lime + lemon juice, simple syrup, club soda.

The Boots With The Vegan Fur $7
Brandy, apple juice, lemon juice.

Mezcal Old Fashioned $8
Mezcal, tequila, agave, bitters.

Mezcal Margarita $8
Mezcal, tequila, triple sec, lime juice.

The One That Got Away $7
Bourbon, seasonal shrub, club soda.
(N/A “Sunday Cocktail” $4)

The Vine That Ate the South $7
Bourbon, lemon juice, hot sauce, agave.

This Dress Has Pockets $7
Tequila, agave, lime juice, pineapple juice, hibiscus tea.
(N/A “Sunday Cocktail” $3.50)

Cru Jones Christmas Vacay $7
Tequila, banana/lime simple syrup, pineapple juice, oj, coconut milk.
(N/A “Sunday Cocktail” $4.50)

How to Get Into the Twin Palms $7
Bourbon, elderflower liquor, bitters.

Haus Margarita $7
Tequila, triple sec, lime juice, agave.

Gin / Vodka Tonic / Soda $7
Gin or Vodka with tonic or soda water.

Haus Mimosa $7
Your choice of Hibiscus or OJ.

Paging Dr. Stone $7
Dirty chai with bourbon.


BEER - DRAFTS  - Unavailable on Sundays :(

They Go Low We Go High - Little Fish $6
Sahti 5.7%

The Scientist - Seventh Son $6
IPA 7%

Tough Track - Little Fish $6
Light Lager 4.8%


BEER & SELTZER - CANS  - Unavailable on Sundays :(

Hamm’s $3
16 oz. (4.6%)

Kitty Paw - Seventh Son $4
12oz. Hard Seltzer (4.2%)
- Raspberry
- Cherry Passionfruit
- Lime Guava
- Pineapple Tangerine



Brewdog Non-Alcoholic Beer — $3
12oz. Alcohol-Free
- Elvis Juice
- Hazy
- Punk
- Nanny State



Draft Kombucha - Herbal Clarity $6
10 oz.

Bottled Kombucha $4
- Tangy Tumeric
- Strawberry Mint
- Citra Hopped


WINE  - Unavailable on Sundays :(

House Red $6
Radio Boca Tempranillo

Sparkling $7
Pizzolato Prosecco

House White $6
Grüner Veltliner

Rosé $6
Liquid Geography Rosé


SODA - Please confirm availability

IBC Root Beer $2

Jarritos $2
Rotating options.


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