Our food is 100% vegan and made from scratch, with love. 
Check out the menus below.

All food (even our plant-based meat and cheeze!) is prepared in-house with the exceptions of our bread, which comes from Lucky Cat Bakery in Granville, Ohio; our desserts, which come from Doughasis, also in Granville, Ohio; and our tortillas, which come from Koki's Tortillas, in the Hilltop neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. 

Owner Eric Obenauf is our unicorn-level self-taught vegan chef. Because he loves food as much as he loves books, he frequently dreams up delicious new dishes and mixes up the menu. If you have any questions about the food or would like to make a special request, please give us a call (614-725-1505) or shoot us an email via the contact form or (twodollarradioHQ at gmail dotcom). Thank you and enjoy!


GF = Gluten-free | NF = Nut-free | SF = Soy-free

(Menu last updated on 5/21/2019)


  • Munchables — $5 — Rotating selection of house-made sliced vegan meats and cheeses, with fruit, and a biscuit.  (Contains cashews.)
  • Buffalo Mac ‘n’ Cheeze — $7 — Gluten-free maccheroni tossed in buffalo queso with sauteed veggies, topped with smoked gouda shreds. GF (Contains cashews)

  • Side Salad — $3 — Greens with farmhouse ranch dressing, pickled onion, tomatoes, and pepitas. GF NF
  • Soup du Jour — $3 — Rotating selection of soup.
  • Doughasis Brownie — $4.50
  • Doughasis Muffin du Jour — $3.50
  • Doughasis Cinnamon Roll — $5

WRAPS — $10

Served with a choice of Salad, Soup, or Potato Salad.

All cheezes contain cashews.



Served with a choice of Salad, Soup, or Potato Salad.

All cheezes contain cashews.

  • Second Pair of Black Jeans Eggplant Po' Boy — Take a jaunt down to the Garden District farmer’s market with this winning po' boy: Battered & baked eggplant with lettuce, tomato, chili-lime slaw, and a zingy, zesty remoulade sauce. SF NF
  • Buffa-Chicky BLT — Beer-battered seitan “chick’n” patty baked in red hot sauce, with dill havarti cheeze, coconut bacon, lettuce, tomato, and farmhouse ranch dressing.
  • Banh Mi 2020 — Banh “Meat,” jalapenos, pickled daikon and carrot, fresh cilantro, and lime mayo. NF

  • Carnitas 4eva — Slow-roasted jackfruit carnitas, jalapenos, cheeze, chili-lime slaw, pickled onion, fresh cilantro, and lime mayo. SF



  • Cobb Salad — $8  Coconut bacon, onions, tomatoes, and pepitas with our farmhouse ranch dressing. NF GF (Add Fried Chick'n [not gluten-free] — +$3)
  • Tres Tacos Hermanos — $10 — Seasoned ground “beef,” buffalo queso, pickled onions, chili-lime slaw, and aioli on a corn tortilla x 3! Served with Salad. GF
  • Desayuno Princesa Tacos — $10 — Tofu scramble, jalapenos, smoked gouda cheeze, chili-lime slaw, coconut bacon, and lime mayo on 3 4” corn tortillas. Served with Salad. GF
  • Loaded Carnitas Plata  — $11
    Slow-roasted jackfruit carnitas, with buffalo queso, pickled onions, and lime mayo, served over a bed of quinoa and lettuce. GF SF

  • Jean Claude van Randy Plate  — $11
    Seasoned “beef,” buffalo queso, onions, tomatoes, and aioli, served over a bed of quinoa and lettuce. GF SF


Served with Potato Salad.

  • Fried Chick'n Strips
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly

PIZZA PARTY MENU (Fridays, 5pm to close! Last updated 4/19/2019)

We make our pizza dough, mozzarella cheeze, vegan meats, and sauces all in-house, from scratch.
Our mozzarella cheeze contains CASHEWS.
All pies feature red marinara sauce except Speed Dog's Spicy Adventure.
Pizzas are 9”.

Saucy Konitzer $12
House-made “sausage,” peppers, superhero sauce.

Speed Dog’s Spicy Adventure $12
Speed Dog’s the drummer in the band. Barbecue-roasted jackfruit, barbecue sauce, jalapenos, crushed tortilla chips.

Coconut bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and aioli on a fresh cheeze pizza.

QC South Style Za $12
Seasoned "beef," fennel, jalapenos, superhero sauce.

Chris Konitzer is Coming Home for Christmas $12
Ma K’s gonna make his favorite pizza: Fried chick’n in buffalo sauce, pickled onions, aioli.

Tommy Ten Grand's Namesake Za $14
Buffalo chick'n, red onions, peppers, chimichurri finishing sauce.

Show Me the Way to Muscle Beach $12
Pickled onions, tomatoes, peppers, chimichurri finishing sauce.

Kevin McAllister $10 (+toppings)
Traditional cheeze ’za with your choice of toppings!

BRUNCH MENU (Saturdays and Sundays, 10am–3pm! Last updated 6/15/19)

Tex-Mex (Above-Ground) Pool Party Migas-Style Breakfast Plata $12
Tofu scramble, cilantro, shredded cheeze, sauteed onions and peppers, crushed tortilla chips and chipotle aioli, with a side of Banh “meat” “sausage,” cowboy caviar, sweet potato hash, and corn tortillas.

(No) Crab Cakes Benedict $12
Pinkies up for this one! Maryland jumbo lump (no) crab (jackfruit) cakes on a slice of Lucky Cat Multigrain bread, topped with tofu scramble, and a creamy hollandaise sauce, served with a side of sweet potato hash and salad. nf

Baja Breakfast Huevos $11
Tofu scramble, refried beans, sweet potatoes, buffalo queso, cowboy caviar, avocado, pickled onions, and lime and chipotle aioli over a bed of quinoa and greens. gf

Pac Shores Eggplant Torta $11
Breaded and baked eggplant, refried beans, avocado, tomato, lettuce, sauteed veggies, cilantro, cheeze, and lime mayo on a hoagie bun. Served with chips + cowboy caviar. sf

Jean Claude van Randy Burrito or Plate $10
7 layers plus one more layer bb! Seasoned “beef,” buffalo queso, quinoa, avocado, tomato, sauteed veggies, lettuce, and aioli wrapped up in a Koki’s burrito tortilla. (plate = gf)

Banh Mi 2020 $11
House-made banh “meat,” pickled daikon and carrots, fresh cilantro, jalapenos, and lime mayo on a Lucky Cat vegan bun. Served with chips + cowboy caviar, chips + curry hummus, or side salad. nf

Calgary Cobb Salad $8
Coconut bacon, onions, tomatoes, pepitas, and avocado with our house ranch dressing. nf gf

Buffalo Mac ‘n’ Cheeze $7
Gluten-free fusilli tossed in buffalo queso with sauteed veggies and baked, topped with smoked gouda. gf

Pumpkin Pecan Cinnamon Roll $5

Peanut Butter Brownie $4 gf
Muffin $3.50



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