Here's the latest 100% vegan goodness that we're serving up at HQ! (Updated 6/29/18)
FRIDAY ONLY: house-made vegan pizzas are also on the menu from 5–10pm!

SATURDAY + SUNDAY ONLY: Special dope brunch menu. (Please note, we can't serve booze on Sundays but we have killer coffee drinks.)

All of our nut-cheeses, plant-based meats, pizza dough, and sauces are made fresh in-house. Eric Obenauf is our unicorn-level head chef.


GF = Gluten-free | NF = Nut-free | SF = Soy-free


  • Smoky Pimento Cheeze Dip — $6 — Break out your aviators and flip-flops for the feel-good hit of the summer. Served with tortilla chips. (Contains cashews.) GF
  • Creamy Artichoke Dip — $6 — Creamy spin on the down-home family classic. Served with tortilla chips. (Contains cashews.) GF
  • Market (No) Crab Cakes — $6 —Jumbo lump (no) crab cakes that'll even satisfy your snarky friend from Maryland. Served with roasted garlic aioli. GF NF SF
  • Cilantro Hummus — $6 — Cilantro zing for the win. Good for sharing. Served with tortilla chips. GF NF SF


Side of chips + $1. Side of Sweet Potatoes, Pesto Pasta, or a Side Salad + $2.

  • Hawaiian Shirt— Marinated tofu, cilantro hummus, pineapple ring, red onion, and lettuce on Lucky Cat sourdough. NF

Fried Chick'n Sammys & Wraps — Get it your way: as a sandwich on a ciabatta bun or with lettuce as a wrap.

  • Notable Chick'n click-for-image-button.png Done right: pimento cheeze, smoky superhero sauce, red onions, lettuce, pickles, on a ciabatta bun. (Contains cashews.)
  • Barbecue Chick'n — Like a slo-mo dance-off (delightful): barbecue sauce, smoky pimento cheeze, jalapenos, red onions, and lettuce.(Contains cashews.)
  • Send Me An Angel Buffalo Chick'n — The vegan fried chick'n equivalent of Cru Jones on Helltrack: buffalo sauce, Appalachian foothill table slaw, pineapple ring. NF


  • Sought-After Mexican Lasagna — $12 click-for-image-button.png Vegan protein for days: corn tortillas, refried beans, quinoa, seasoned ground "beef," red onions, corn, mild jalapenos, enchilada sauce, with mozzarella cheeze, and roasted garlic aioli drizzle. Comes with a side salad. GF NF
  • Market (No) Crab Cake + Roasted Beet Salad — $10 House (no) crab cakes, roasted beets, red cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, kalamata olives, and red onions over mixed greens with caesar dressing. GF NF SF
  • Pesto Pasta — $12 Raw zucchini noodles tossed in our house cilantro-almond pesto with choice of fried chicken, crab cakes, or marinated tofu. (Crab cakes and tofu = GF SF. Fried chick'n = SF.)

BREAKFAST + TREATS (served all day)

  • Breakfast Wrap — $9 — Tofu scramble, jalapenos, red onions, beans, sweet potatoes, smoky superhero sauce and lettuce wrapped in a tortilla! NF
  • Doughasis Brownie — $4
  • Doughasis Blondie — $4
  • Doughasis Cinnamon Roll — $4
  • Lemon Bar — $3.50


Served with tortilla chips.

  • Fried Chick'n Strips
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly

VEGAN BRUUUUNCH (served every Saturday and Sunday)

  • Kimchi Plate — $11 — House-made Kimchi stirfried with rice and a spicy Gochujang sauce, topped with raw veggies and our tofu scramble and roasted garlic aioli drizzle. GF NF
  • Jumbo Lump Market (no) Crab Cakes Benedict — $12 — Jumbo lump hand-formed market (no) crab cake patty on toasted ciabatta, with tofu scramble and creamy Hollandaise sauce. Served with sweet potatoes and a side salad. NF
  • Fried Chick'n & Waffle Sammy — $10 — Suns out buns out! Fried chick'n patty topped with melted cheeze, pickles, and your choice of our smoky superhero sauce or maple syrup, sandwiched between waffle buns.
  • Breakfast Wrap — $9 — Tofu scramble, jalapenos, red onions, sweet potatoes, smoky superhero sauce and lettuce wrapped in a tortilla. NF

PIZZA NITE Menu — 6/8

  • Magnum P.I.e — $12 — Pineapple, cilantro, red onions.
  • Coach Taylor — $12 — Ground beaf, red onions, shredded lettuce, smoky superhero sauce.
  • Buddy Garrity — $13 — Fried chick'n, red onions, jalapenos.
  • Elvis Pesto — $12 — Pesto drizzle, kalamata olives, red onions.
  • Kevin McAllister — $10 — Traditional cheeze 'za. Add toppings for slight upcharge.