September and the Night

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Authors: Maica Rafecas | Megan Berkobien (translator), María Cristina Hall (translator)

September 5, 2023 | FUM D'ESTAMPA PRESS | 978–1–913744–45–8
September and the Night
Maica Rafecas | Megan Berkobien (translator), María Cristina Hall (translator)


When Anaïs learns of the imminent expropriation of the small family vineyard due to the upcoming construction of an estate, she demands that her father refuse out of dignity. From here, a solitary struggle begins, obsessive and irrational in the eyes of both relatives and neighbours alike, but which Anaïs seems ready to take all the way. Written in sweeping, elegant prose, Maica Rafecas brings us the beauty of the vineyard and the terrible human cost that modern-day capitalism makes us pay. September and the Night is at once an elegy to the land and its people, and a warning against those who might to use it for purely financial gains. This book acts as a rebellion, a reminder of the important things in life, and a call to arms, all within a beautifully written, almost fable-like novel.

‘An elegy to the power of the human and everyday bond in which all hopes lie. A gift from Maica Rafecas that will accompany us forever.’ —MARIA MESTRE MONTSERRAT, LA CONCA.

‘A demonstration of the efficiency and contained beauty of Rafecas’ prose at its best.’ —GERARD VENTURA, NÚVOL.