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Authors: Adriana Riva | Denise Kripper (translator)
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Ever since a childhood accident, Ema has doubted her bond with her mother, equally troubled and fascinated by her. Years later, now with questions about her own motherhood, she joins a family road trip to her mother’s hometown to quench her need for answers. With deceptively simple language, precise brevity, and vivid imagery, Salt explores daughterhood and unearths a family’s intricate past and secretive present. An intimate, brilliant debut novel by Argentine author Adriana Riva, translated by Denise Kripper.


“Swiftly moving and completely captivating, beautifully translated by Denise Kripper, Salt traces its narrator’s life from a harrowing accident through a long spiral of unknowing to a gorgeously rendered reckoning and rebirth. Fascinating and wonderful.” -Jennifer Croft, author of The Extinction of Irena Rey